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Credentialing Process - Licensing and Ordination

Leadership Focus

Leadership Focus is an online ministry development tool, designed to equip and strengthen leaders in the Church of God through relational training with a missional perspective. 

This credentialing process is designed to last three years, broken into 6 six month modules, each focusing on a core area of ministry and leadership development: Commencement, Competencies, Character, Confessions, Connectivity and Celebrations.  Each module will be hosted by a coach who will lead you through guided online web training calls. You will be expected to participate in each web meeting along with fulfilling each module’s unique requirements. As you move through each six month module additional fees will apply.


The first module (Commencement and Application) is $275. The second – sixth modules are $150 each and are billed to you prior to your enrollment in the next module.


There are two enrollment periods thought the year one in February and one in August.


Please provide the following to our Credentials Administrator:

1. A written recommendation from your senior pastor.

2. Completion of the Ministerial Application 

3. Registration on the Leadership Focus site

Licensing and Ordination: What We Do
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