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Please read carefully all of the sections of the registration

Have you ever applied for ministerial credentials in the Church of God (Anderson, IN)?
Do you currently hold ministerial credentials with any other religious affiliation?
Is your Sr. Pastor aware of your desire to enter the credentialing process?

Please review the following statements carefully.

Although the Church of God honors theological freedom within the bounds of biblically based belief, those to whom vocational credentialing is granted are expected to hold persuasions that are in general agreement with the teaching tradition of the Church of God. The seven (7) theological commitments you will be required to write include: Trinitarian Theology; Sin & Salvation; Holiness; Nature and Authority of the Bible; Imago Dei; The Kingdom of God; and Unity.  Leadership Focus will provide each candidate with a syllabus of required readings and recommended resources and activities in this regard. The credentialing assembly may supplement these as it deems appropriate.

I have read the information above and

Upon completion of Leadership Focus and the approval of the Credentials Committee in your Assembly (Florida Church of God Ministries) you will be asked to sign a Covenant of Ordination. We are asking that you review this document now, before you begin this journey, so that you are aware of the commitment it will require and be able, in time, to sincerely enter into this covenant.  Ordination credentials go beyond the local church and assembly, it is to the global movement of the Church of God (Anderson, IN).

Covenant Agreement: I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge my understanding that both the granting and maintaining of ordination credentials is a privilege and a responsibility. In so receiving the granting of ordination, I enter into covenant with all assemblies in the Church of God where I may serve throughout my years of ministry.This covenant is to be recognized as my agreement that I will live my private and public life in keeping with the Word of God, the Credentials Manual of the Church of God, and in harmony and active participation with the assembly in which I am ministering. It is further understood that should I fail to live up to this covenant or should I cease from actively participating in the ministry of the Church of God, Anderson, IN I shall cooperate with the assembly in the region where I am living in surrendering my ordination. This Ordination Covenant will be reaffirmed every five years.

I have read the information above and

While completion of Leadership Focus is a required piece of the credentialing process, credentialing is not a promised outcome. Credentials are granted to ministers who meet all of the aforementioned qualifications and requirements. Please refer to the Credentialing Matrix (opens in a new window).

I have read the information above and

Thanks for submitting!

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