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Church of God Regional Convention 2016

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Pandemic, racial injustice, political chaos and rage! Those are the headlines and the preoccupation of many.  These realities should shock and create brokenness in and among us. That brokenness has another destiny... it is to create a hunger in us to cry out for revival, the outpouring of the Presence of Jesus and the radical washing of sin through repentance. This State Ministers' Meeting we will wrestle with the deeper call of the heart of God, to seek him, to be His people in a world gone mad, to confess not the sins of others but our own sins and to be a people cleansed and ready for His outpouring. This call to revival goes behind all of the issues we face and calls us to face OUR part and to be drawn again back to Jesus as the desire of the nations, what we all long for and the only wise God who can heal our land. October 15 we take a major step to healing our land. We hope you will be a part!

Voting and Registration


Because our State Ministers' Meeting will take place virtually this year, we will hold our voting electronically. If you are a voting member of the assembly (credentialed minister or your church's voting representative) please register by clicking here for your ballot - each voting member is required to register individually. Registration for a ballot will also register you to receive the viewing information for the Annual State Ministers' Meeting.  Ballots will be emailed to registered voting members by October 5 and must be completed by October 9 in order to be counted.


If you are not a voting member but would are attending the State Ministers' Meeting please click here to register via email. Churches who wish to watch as a group only need to register once.


If you have previously registered for the State Meeting you do not need to register again.

Please contact (407) 737-7633 or [email protected] with any questions.