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Church of God Regional Convention 2016

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COVID-19 Resources

Financial Sustainability

Online Giving Options

Connectivity Solutions

Sermons and Bible Study Ideas/ Ministry Resources

If we can assist you in anyway we are available. At this time our offices are all virtual but as always you can reach us at the Florida Ministries' office (407) 737-7633 and leave a voicemail and we will return your call.

Potential Resources available:



Helpful information can be found at:

The Vanderbloem Network       ECFA       Church of God Ministries

If you do not currently have onling giving available in your church, it's not too late to start with options that are easy to use for the giver and for the church. We have included a document here that lists some options for giving. Another potential resource is Church Resource Management.


You can also ask the church to mail in their checks or drop them off if the church has a maildrop.

Many churches, organizations and individuals have been working hard to find the key to solving their lack of community.  We've heard many solutions from some of our churches. The key is to stay connected!  These options have allowed small groups and Bible Studies to continue to meet - as well as new groups to form! One of our pastors shared that they had the children and grandchildren of some of their older members set up these calls so that no one was left out! Here are some ideas for apps and websites to try:


Zoom          Google Hangouts          Skype          Facebook Video Chat    FreeConferenceCall.com


                                                                                What service do you recommend? Let us know!


We are not advertising for the companies listed, we're just sharing the information that we've heard. Let us know what's working for your church!

Many churches are using Facebook Live to stream their services or pre-recording and uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo and then posting a link either on their social media pages or website. If you would like some help understanding more about these options please reach out to us and we will do our best to help.


Pastors all over the state have used Facebook, emails and other modes of communication to stay in daily contact with the body.  Some have even shared their churchwide devotional transcripts that it might be a help to you. If you are interested let us know and we will forward them along.


Homelessness Programs                Humanitarian Disaster Institute: Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus

Preparing to Re-Open the Building